How Do We Work?


We profile your needs

We find out what you request

Every project starts with your company - and by finding out what is it exactly what do you request to reach your next goal.

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We launch the project

We go out there for you

As soon we have the searching criteria ( profile of your requested customer or the exact description of the product you are looking for) we start the project.


We save your time

Only valuable contacts

We take care of pre-selecting the sales channels or manufacturers according to your criteria.

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We deliver results

Direct contact with the new partner

As soon we find a contact which fits to your sourcing profile we connect you with the company and you can start negotiating details with the potential partner yourself.

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We deliver information

Market Survey supports the project

While searching for the ideal business opportunity for you we also search for information.
We provide you with the necessary details regarding customers requests and market situation.

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We create new business

B2B-contacts without commissions

Your are connected to your new partners and you may have an on going co-operation for years.
We charge only fix-project fee and one time success fee. No further commissions.


About Us

Provided by Khidea ltd

Khidex Sourcing Tool is a service of Khidea ltd,

a Finnish company established in 2014. 

We work to expand the success of our customer companies

by finding them the partners they need.

We understand small and medium-sized enterprises

and know how to help them to grow.

We trust in power of networking:

We cooperate with several sales professionals and

local freelancers in order to offer you better connections in your target country.

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Your Contact

Sourcing Manager for your project

My Name is Hanna Ruuska and I’m the co-founder of Khidea ltd.

It is my task to make everything work in your project.

I’m supervising each sourcing project at Khidea and I’m your contact person.

I can be reached by phone and email during the entire project.

I'm glad to hear from you soon!


Hanna Ruuska

•A professional import and export manager from Finland.
•Over 5 years of experience in sourcing.
•Working at Khidea Oy since 2015, co-founder.
•Living in Barcelona, Spain.
•Language skills: English, German, Spanish and Finnish.