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Khidex Sourcing Tool

B2B-contacts for your business

Khidex Sourcing Tool finds you new manufacturers, sales channels and other B2B-contacts within Europe.

Expand your business and discover the new opportunities in German, Spanish and Scandinavian markets.

With the help of Khidex Sourcing Tool

your team has more resources to grow faster.


What is your company looking for?

New Suppliers

Khidea Sourcing Tool is an external sourcing manager service to support your purchasing department. (Sourcing for importing.)

New Markets

Khidea Sourcing Tool finds you the distributors & partners for projects in the new markets.
(Sourcing for exporting.)

New Opportunities

Khidea Sourcing Tool is specialized in Partnership Marketing with cross-business contacts. 
(For any line of business.)


What We Do For You


We offer B2B-Contacts


We have our constantly growing own network of potential partners, freelancers, sales agents and innovative products and services for you.

Blue Stairway

We save your time & money

Perfect match

We deliver you potential customers or partners for co-operation -only from companies that are matching to your searching criteria.

We help you to grow

Partnership Marketing

We find you the partners that have relationships with the clients you are interested in.


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