Exchange of Business Contacts



{ Exchange of Contacts }

Receiving and opening new opportunities

Let your group members introduce you to their contacts and help them to find market within your networks. 
Khidex-Groups consists of entrepreneurs and companies helping each others to grow.

Meeting the Staff

{ Khidex-Groups }

For your line of business & cross business contacts

  • Introduce your business and create a Khidex-profile (can be also anonym).

  • Receive new contacts and launch your product on new markets.

  • Connect new companies to your networks and receive sales comission. 

  • Co-operation coaching: We assist you with every step, we help you to communicate and to collaborate effectively despite different cultural backgrounds. 

See some of our existing Khidex-Groups:

Khidex-Group: DESIGNERS
Khidex-Group: DESIGNERS

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Khidex-Grop: FOOD & HEALTH
Khidex-Grop: FOOD & HEALTH

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Khidex-Group: DESIGNERS
Khidex-Group: DESIGNERS

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{Light way to cooperate}

Our 5 advantages for your business

  1. Expand your networking and business 

  2. Receive Information:
    Opinions and suggestions from profesionals from other countries.

  3. Sales Comission:
    By recommending and connecting other companies to each others you receive sales comission.

  4. Work Together:
    Feel free to share information about your projects -explore other points of view and find solutions more quickly.

  5. Be Guided:
    Save your resources and let us help you to collaborate effectively, communicate in different languages and work as a middleman if needed. 


Small & Medium

Any Line of Business

All companies are welcome to join us! Let us inform you about current open groups and get in touch with us.